This course is designed to foster a holistic understanding of what diversity and inclusion is, why it matters, and how the culture it creates will improve teamwork and your organization's bottom line.

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Course Resources

    3. Module 1 Pre-Survey

    4. Defining Diversity

    5. Race vs. Ethinicity

    6. Demographic Data

    7. The Value and Business Case for Diverse Teams

    8. Performance of Diverse Teams

    9. Designing Diverse Teams

    10. Workplace Culture

    11. Side Chat: Advantage of Diverse Teams

    12. Action Planning

    13. Module Summary

    1. Welcome to the Module

    2. Course Resources

    3. Module 2 Pre-Survey

    4. Identity Exercise

    5. Your Identity Exercise

    6. Your Identity

    7. Identity Assumptions

    8. Empathy

    9. Action Planning

    10. Module Summary

    1. Welcome to the Module

    2. Module Resources

    3. Pre-Survey

    4. Defining Unconscious Bias

    5. How Does Bias Show Up?

    6. Types of Bias

    7. Action Planning

    8. Module Summary

    1. Welcome to the Module

    2. Course Resources

    3. Pre-Survey

    4. Why Unconscious Bias?

    5. Applying The Learning

    6. Impact of Bias

    7. Side Chat: Real World Examples

    8. Action Planning

    9. Module Summary

    1. Welcome to the Module

    2. Course Resources

    3. Pre-Survey

    4. Side Chat: Why Mitigate Bias?

    5. 3 Steps to Mitigating Bias

    6. Action Planning

    7. Module Summary

    1. Welcome to the Module

    2. Module Resources

    3. Pre-Survey

    4. Responding

    5. What Makes A Good Apology?

    6. Action Planning

    7. Module Summary

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  • $199.00
  • 54 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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Who We Are

People3 is a benefit corporation that provides diversity and inclusion training, workshops, and inclusion-centered consulting. We work with private, non-profit, and government sectors to facilitate and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives.

We know that when organizations include all people, they create better cultures and produce greater results.

From Our Students

“I've taken quite a few of these trainings, and this was the most enjoyable one yet! The people3 team delivers great information in an engaging way that passes no judgment. Highly recommend!”

Rachel Sigler, Owner | F45 Training

“The module on identity assumptions and stereotypes really resonated with me. As a Black woman from the South, I have been subjected to assumptions based on the color of my skin and zip code. This course will hopefully encourage people to pause before making a similar comment in the future.”

Jacqueline Hayes, Founder | Crayons & Marketers

“I just completed the first module of the Inclusive Organizations training created by people3. Overall, I love that the training is taken in short 2-minute sessions and offers additional resources for each section. I also enjoyed the variety of experts and the ability to record my own video to share on the topic.”

Shaunda Cohen, Manager | Supplier Relations Wesco/Anixter

“I found the information in Building Inclusive Organizations thought-provoking and helpful. I would recommend people3 to any organization for DEI training and implementation.”

Al McCree, President | Al McCree Entertainment

“All your employees need this course (before they step in it)! I found this course very enlightening. The Unconscious Bias sections helped me understand where the thoughts come from and what to do with them. The Mitigating Bias section gave me the phrase, "You’re not responsible for your first thought. But you are responsible for your 2nd thought and your first action." Powerful! Finally, Mindful Communication gives you questions, phrases, and words to apologize correctly - when you DO step in it. I am excited for my entire team to take this course. Great work, people3!”

Dew Tinnin, Head Coach and Founder | Skillway